How to build your fitness program around your tennis game

The game of tennis requires an incredible level of strength, fitness and endurance. While regular tennis matches will help you build your fitness levels, it is important to incorporate an additional fitness program into your weekly routine. With cross training and specialized exercises, you can take your game to the next level. Here are some tips for building your fitness program around your sport.

Warming up

The warm up is an essential part of any tennis player’s fitness program. By warming up and stretching, you will prepare your muscles to perform during a game. Some great warm ups for tennis players include light jogging, lunges and shoulder stretches.

Cardio fitness

Routine cardio workouts are important for every athlete. By improving your cardio fitness, you will improve your speed and stamina on the court. Some popular cardio workouts for tennis players include running drills, high knee running or cycling. When you incorporate cardio workouts into your fitness program, you may see a marked improvement in your tennis game.

Strength Training

Tennis is a sport that requires long and lean muscle mass. To take your tennis game to a new level of improvement, it is a great idea to include strength training exercises in your fitness routine. You may want to focus on building muscle groups that are important to your tennis swing, such as your shoulders, arms and core. 

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